We’re live, y’all!

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Welcome to the madness! And by madness, we mean the very first issue of Black Lotus Magazine! Our inaugural issue is digital, delicious and delightfully sexy. Come on in, enjoy the sights and sounds, and then come back again next month to do it all over again.

Yes, we know there are tons of places to see pretty women and handsome men and videos and music and all that. So what? Here’s another one! A major difference between us and the others is that we focus on showcasing those who tend to get less exposure, like women of color and incredibly smart women with nice boobs and yeah, even sexy, half-nekkid guys. Cool, huh? Hell yeah, it is.

We prioritize beautiful photography and interesting words.

If we were to summarize our outlook on life, it would be:

Giving too many fucks is bad for you.


Mark Manson

The world has become an uptight place, afraid to joke around, afraid to look at anything sexy, afraid to BE sexy. We’re not with that. We aim to help people throw off the yoke of suppression, and learn to revel again in all that is gorgeous.

The greatness in the world exists in hella shapes and colors.

Sure, you can just look at the photos and videos of all the pretty people. We don’t mind. But you might find some gems in the other sections of our site, too. We dig through all the crap floating around the web, hoping to bring you all the hotness – dope music, incredible art, fun cosplays, laughing baby videos – you name it, if it’s cool, awesome or good vibes, we’re going to share it with you.

So thanks for checking us out. Thanks for supporting free speech and the movement to bring sexy back into the limelight. We’re no innovators or trend-setters or even doing anything overtly special, but we’re definitely on the move. Get after it with us!

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