World On Fire

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Editor-In-Chief Namu Williams

In this modern day comedy/tragedy we call America, we’re living on the precipice. The edge, and not the good kind. It might be callous to say that we deserve what we get, but that’s how I feel right now. We deserve this masterpiece of failure.

We’ve allowed so many dumb people to end up in positions of authority and power that it was almost a foregone conclusion that our country would end in shambles, and here we find ourselves, struggling as a nation to step back from a terribly high and terrifying cliff. In front of us, at best, a month or two of political and legal drama as the losing party clings desperately to any shred of control. At worst, civil war. Let’s not dwell on that.

If we take a step back from the cliff, we’ll find rationality, stability, some much-needed quiet time, in spite of what is likely to be years of recovering from a certifiably mentally-deficient spray tan-in-chief’s efforts to destabilize one of the greatest democracies in history.

If we take a step forward, we fall off the cliff. At least we’ll know it was our own fault.

Neither direction is perfect, but one is obviously the direction we should all want to be going in. Biden is far from the perfect candidate (hi Bernie!), but he is also far from the blowhard moron that Trump is, and he will definitely bring about some of the changes we need to get back to some semblance of normalcy in America.

But we’re already in a slightly better place, and as much as I want to rant and rage at the idiocy of it all, I encourage you to take deep breaths, think about what you say or type before you say or type it, and make at least some kind of effort to keep our country from disintegrating. That doesn’t mean you need to stay friends with Trump supporters or COVID-deniers. Kick those fools to the curb. But at least try to keep conversation civil where you can.

In closing, gentle readers, strap in for the next few months, and let’s hope none of us fall out during the fall out (see what I did there?) of the 2020 political shitfirestorm we’re in the middle of. We’ve almost survived one of the worst times in American history. We can do it, y’all!

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