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There are entirely too few hours in the day to appreciate all the beautiful women in the world.

Kozue Akimoto, world-famous rikishi, once removed.

Kozue Akimoto is an “IT Girl” in Japan. It Girls have basically become famous because they’re very attractive and often lead an interesting socialite lifestyle. Kozue comes from a very distinguished pedigree, though. Her father is 58th sumo grand champion Chiyonofuji Mitsugu (rest in peace), a legend in the sumo world, and was an incredibly good looking man. Her mother, Kumiko Shindo, is also stunning. Kozue has been in TV, radio and music videos, and has dominated in the fashion world, as well. You can see more of her here:…

Lucy Liu makes the world a better place.

Lucy Liu is an icon. Worldly, artistic, talented, intelligent, gorgeous and philanthropic, she’s been a powerful example to women and men around the world for how to be a good human. Oh, and did we mention she’s just as sexy in her 50s as she was in her 20s? Check out more about Lucy here:…

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