Galleries should feature you in swimwear, lingerie or other outfits that showcase your bodacious boday. We accept submissions from all over the world. For full information on being featured, scroll to the bottom of any page and click "Get featured in Black Lotus Magazine!", then follow the instructions on that page. You must be at least 18 years old or the age of majority where you live. Looking forward to seeing your submissions!

Not yet, but we're constantly evaluating production and distribution options and when the time is right, we'll begin offering a printed version of the magazine.

First, we apologize for using your Intellectual Property without your permission! Our goal is to showcase wonderful things and people, but we understand that our overall content might not be appropriate for some and you may not want your work shown side by side with content you find objectionable. We'll do our best to remove your property as quickly as possible. Please send an email to eic@blacklotusmagazine.com describing the intellectual property and provide a link to the page where it resides, and we'll take it down quickly.

In many cases, we do have the right to display some copyrighted material because California and federal copyright law allows for certain "fair" uses like parody, criticism, news or other uses, but even if we're legally entitled to use them we'll likely take them down because we'd rather have a good relationship with the community at large.

Something to consider: we're a not-for-profit magazine, we don't have revenue streams and we don't sell advertisements, so many people are fine with us using their copyrighted images - if you change your mind and decide you're OK with us using your image, please let us know. Thanks!

Well, aren't you a peach? We can use help in the following areas:

  • content creators (artists, writers, photographers, videographers, etc) who want to create original content and see it online in BLM

  • editors (people who help make sure the articles don't have spelling/grammar errors and there's continuity between articles)

  • model scouts (sociable, friendly, respectful people who are great at connecting with others in a professional way)

  • content researchers (people who spend a lot of time on the internet and come across interesting stories/videos/photos that should be shared with the world

  • event staff (when the pandemic is over and events are happening again, of course - we'll need people to staff booths and hand out flyers or promote the magazine)

It's important to note that because this magazine doesn't earn a revenue stream all positions are volunteer, and therefor unpaid. It's a labor of love, baby!

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