How to Get featured in Black Lotus Magazine

Hello, sexy!

We generally choose our feature and cover models based on physical appeal, but sexy comes in many forms. Intellect, personality and other traits come into play as well, so please keep this in mind: yes, we showcase a lot of “traditionally” attractive people, but just because you don’t fit a traditional style doesn’t mean you aren’t worth featuring! Whether you consider your style goth, nerdcore, high fashion, country, gamer or anything else, or even if you don’t think you have a specific style at all, you should reach out to us anyway!

Also, all are welcome to apply, but we definitely encourage people of color to reach out.

We proudly feature men, women, trans and gender-neutral people.

It doesn’t matter if you’re biologically male, biologically female, pre- or post-op transgendered or you’re gender-neutral. Sexy is sexy, y’all.

Either provide a photoshoot or shoot with us.

You can be featured in Black Lotus in two ways:
1. You can apply here on the website (or be scouted by one of our scouts). If chosen, we’ll schedule a photoshoot with our photographer, Namu Williams. In order to be photographed by our photographer, you must be willing and able to travel to the Pismo Beach area of central California at your own expense.
2. If you don’t live close enough to shoot with us, but you’re connected with a professional photographer who is willing to assign us full rights to display and distribute your photos (with proper attribution to the photographer, of course), then you can submit your own galleries for consideration. These submissions are not paid. Gallery submissions should include at least ten images.

Ready to apply?

    Thank you for applying! If you're chosen to be featured, we'll email you within 7 days with information about how to get started. Please understand that we sometimes receive a ton of submissions so we aren't able respond to everyone.

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