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  • Are you a sexy mofo?

    Let's keep it real. We feature sexy people. If you're that, then the rest probably doesn't matter. But we know there are some of you out there who don't even realize you're sexy, or maybe you're not sure. Just because you don't fit the "normal" style doesn't mean you aren't worth featuring! You could be goth, country, anime, nerdy or any other stereotype (or completely original!) - you should reach out to us anyway, because you're probably sexier than you think. Also, we encourage people of color to apply, but everyone is welcome!

  • Speaking of, we feature men, women and trans!

    It doesn't matter if you're biologically male, biologically female, or pre- or post-op transgendered. Sexy is sexy, y'all.

  • Either provide a photoshoot or shoot with us.

    If you are connected with a professional photographer who is willing to assign us full rights to display and distribute your photos (with proper attribution to the photographer, of course), then you can submit your own galleries! If you are willing to travel to the central coast of California (Pismo Beach area) then you can do a full shoot with Namu, our Editor-in-Chief. If you're not close enough to travel to us, we can see if we have any associate photographers near you.

Ready to apply?

    Thank you for submitting for a feature consideration! If you're chosen to be featured, we'll email you within 7 days with more information.

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